The wine selection at Thomas Liquors is a thoughtful mixture of old-world classics, new-world staples, and emerging styles and regions that keep up excited.  From Albariño to Zinfandel, grower-champagne to cult cabernet, the steep hills of the Mosel and Rhone Rivers to the Napa and Willamette Valleys and everything in between: we carry it all!  We are committed to filling the shelves with wines that are first and foremost delicious, and representative of where they are grown.  Also, when we are not tasting in the shop, we are constantly traveling to taste with the producers in their cellars and see the vineyards first hand.  The world of wine is exciting and vast and we love bringing it to your glass!  


Old World

The regional styles of France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria are strengths in the shop and the classic producers and vineyards are a constant source of study for our staff. 

New World

Thomas Liquors cut its teeth decades ago as the California wine scene took flight.  Our generations of experience is what guides our selection process to this day.  Whether it is a classic producer from Napa's Silverado Trail or the newest winemaker in South Africa and South America, we continue to find inspiration in the changing styles of New World wines.



Oddities and Rarities

The world of wine is changing fast and we are tasting our way through the trends and emerging regions.  From navigating the new wave of 'Natural Wine" to exploring the cradle of wine history and unknown grape varieties, we are hear to help you make sense of what's going on in the wine world.