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Since 1922 in fact. We were first opened as Rosedale Pharmacy by a local pharmacist, Mr. Munch. A young Clarence Thomas (Mike’s grandfather and Jim’s Father) started working at the pharmacy shortly after it opened.

In the late 1920’s, Clarence purchased the pharmacy and decided to rename the business to Thomas Pharmacy.

During Prohibition, Thomas Pharmacy also gained some celebrity when kidnapper Fred Goetz left the ransom note for the Hamm’s family on a soda booth for Clarence to find.

1934 marked the end of Prohibition. A small liquor department was put in to serve the growing neighborhood.

In 1951 the liquor sales have grown to outpace the pharmacy. Clarence closes the pharmacy and renames the store Thomas Liquors.

A 21 year old Jim Thomas begins working full time at his father’s store in 1958.

Following in his fathers footsteps, Mike Thomas begins a full time position at Thomas Liquors in 1977.

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Thomas Liquors                Circa 1944